The Curious Case Of Cybercitizens

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The Curious Case Of Cybercitizens

April 16, 2015 , ittisalogin

The Internet and Social Media have revolutionised the virtual space. These days, there is no denial that the Virtual is the new Real. From ten year old school going kids to sixty year olds, the virtual world houses people of all age groups. The ones who were once reluctant netizens are now full grown net addicts. They literally spend a major chunk of their day logged into Social Media platforms and video channels. They eat, drink, sleep and cook with their social  media accounts logged in, chatting away to glory and updating the world of their every step. For some hardcore addicts, even taking a shower is incomplete without holding on to their smartphones in one hand and browsing through their online profiles. Such is the state of affairs.

Into this mayhem, comes the video sharing platforms like Youtube and the latest Persiscope and Meerkat, both of which allow their users to live stream their lives for the whole world to watch! From merely uploading some old pictures on to their Orkut and Facebook profiles, people are now largely interested in sharing pictures and videos of what they are doing right then and there! We now live on the go. How did this change come up?

Internet coupled with smartphones – the recipe to the above mentioned change. Earlier we had to go to a cyber cafe or find a desktop and then start uploading our pictures. That was quite a task and most of us ignored it. Now, you have the internet at your fingertips. Uploading pictures and live streaming videos is just a cake walk and we are increasingly more interested in looking through the eyes of our smart phones and video cameras than our own pair. We converse over the net more than we do face to face. Wow, what a world to live in. All thanks to smartphones and internet!

Don’t buy it? Well, to each his own.
Whatever be your thoughts, just let us know in the comments section below!

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